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a city in orange county
probably the BEST city in orange county
I love Laguna Niguel!
by wouldntyouliketoknowwww July 16, 2006
City in Southern Orange County, right on the water, always sunny. known to be full of rich white people who drive expensive cars, carry their little dogs in their purses on beach walks, and always have a starbucks cup in their hand. Everyone is super health conscious and loves working out, the average person is in yoga pants and running shoes with their hair and makeup done of course.
Did you see that woman running by with her dog in a stroller?

Oh yeah its okay, shes from Laguna Niguel
by lagunaaa12345 December 11, 2011
Can't afford to live next to the ocean.
"Dude. I live in Laguna"

"Cool. Where?"
"Just up Crown Valley"

"Oh you live in Laguna Niguel...not Laguna"
by LagunaBeachBrat August 20, 2012
White city that has too many hills.
Damn white people, go back to Laguna!
by Kevin Lopes April 06, 2005
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