has to do with being fresh 24/7. always on top of your game. top stunna.
"yo man Gucci man la flare is the shit. his rhymes is the shit. they hot. his steelo fresh"

" they should call me _(your name)_ la flare...my swagg is fresh as shit"
by -Beezy! April 20, 2009
Top Definition
a stylish, observant individual
french for "awesome"

Gucci Mane laflare...
by Willzy December 14, 2007
French word for 'Full of It'
Don't worry about them, they're just LaFlare
by Canaire September 04, 2014
la flare means your butthole looks like a moon pie
i am gucci mane laflare baby , burr
by certifydgoon March 12, 2016
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