Long and Floppy in reference to a redundent foreskin, but in many cases it becomes synonymous with asking if someone is circumcised or not.
Matt: "Do you have a LAF?"

Thomas: "What? Do I laugh?"

Matt: "No I mean do you have a LAF on your penis?"

Thomas: *pause* "Sigh, why does everyone know I have a redundent foreskin?"

Matt: "Don't sweat it babe, I'll make it up to you tonight =)"

by Thomas Wu July 19, 2006
Top Definition
A term expressing laughter or humor. Similar to "lol".
OMG you got pwned laf!
by GLHeX August 12, 2003
Lame as fuck
Hey, you hear about the facebook vanity url's?

Yeh, they're laf
by MikmY July 01, 2009
Referring to the Love At First Sight phenomenon.
Wow, I didn't ever think much of that LAFS thing but when I saw her I really felt it.
by ClarkM November 23, 2007
acronym for: "Lazy As Fuck"
I didn't go to work today because i was feeling laf.
by thetachiID119 April 12, 2011
An acronym for Liquid Ass-Fire; painful liquid defecation the consistency of water, usually accompanied by a burning sensation.
Man, that jambalaya gave me the worst LAF.

I gotta find a bathroom NOW; I feel LAF coming on!
by LAF4LIFE January 23, 2011
LAFS - It's an acronym which stands for Love At First Sight
Anne : When I met Dan, I knew it was LAFS!
Emma : Aww! That's so romantic.
by PoeticApology December 27, 2013
Legit as Fuck
That music album is Legit as Fuck. On fb or social sites. That pic is LAF.
by Jta4Osu December 08, 2011
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