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Ladii Slick means a women, female, or something with a pussy! Either has a slick mouth and doesnt take shit from no one and will tell yo ass of in an argument and will tap that ass in a fight but it can also mean.......a person that gives great head meaning sucks a good pipe for slow people meaning she sucks dick very good. Ladii Slicks have a great head game they do all kinds of tricks and can really satisfy i man thats why dudes love Ladii Slicks!
Man did you see them girls arguing the other night Be-Be is a certified Ladii Slick cause she told ol' girl the fuck off!!


Man that girl i met last night is damn sho a Ladii Slick she sucked my dick so good i wanted to give her a gold <MEDAL> but it was already in a mouth Lol.....:)
by RealAssGoon January 27, 2008
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