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is short for Lacey-Beautiful-Facey and is usually a girl with blue eyes
Have you seen lace face's pretty blue eyes and those feathers in her hair?
by kellibobellifefi June 19, 2011
A nickname coined to young overweight unattractive girls on personal networking sites (like myspace, facebook, bebo) that take thousands of pictures of their good aspects (usually the face, close ups on eyes, and feet or hands). Sometimes thats all they have, or very old pictures of them or overly photoshopped pictures of them. They are usually in a relationship but put up skanky pictures for attention and will whine if they don't have enough photo comments. You will notice many many pictures of themselves however when it comes to doing similar videos of them there is none. There are also no pictures of them around other people usually. Also, pictures of them tagged or on other peoples pages you can see that they are unattractive and bigger than all their own pictures.
"I just added this really hot chick, check it out"
"No, dude, that's just another laceface"

"I met this great girl on myspace but she looked better on myspace"

"This girl has a hundred different awards for contests with their pictures, but all their pictures are super blurry facial close ups. She must be a laceface."
by Colleen82 June 17, 2009
Nickname for a fat girl that tries to play off being sexy, and usually lies when describing themselves.
"What happend to that girl you met on myspace?"

"Bitch was a lace face"
by Tyreee July 27, 2006
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