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From the latin for bruising of the vagina.
A term used when a male friend gets a scrapped knee or other minor cut from mountain biking, skiing, or other outdoor activity and whinges about it.
Adam: My neck hurts a little.
Dave: Gee adam, maybe you need some homeopathic salve for that labial contusion?
#labial #contusion #pussy #bruised #vagina
by pauld August 29, 2006
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Latin for bruised vagina.
A term used when a male friend says he doesn't want to come out but doesn't have a real excuse.
Dave: "Hey Paul do you want to come mountain biking with us this weekend?"
Paul: "No I can't this weekend."
Dave: "Why not? Do you have a labial contusion?"
#labia #contusion #vagina #bruised #pussy
by AdamV August 28, 2006
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