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While I generally agree with the above definition.

"True gamers will always have a supply of vanilla coke."

Is wrong, vanilla coke is what wannabe gamers drink, oldschool gamers drink Mountain Dew.
by Anonymous June 25, 2003
A true 1337 sn4x0r is a case of bawls bawls a large pepperoni pizza and a tin of penguin mints
Mountain dew is ok for a cheap drink but bawls and penguin mints are worth their weight. Bawls can be substiti=uted with jolt.
by pwnd j00r bawls June 30, 2005
What you eat/drink during a long videogame session.

For me, it's a doobie, bottle of coke and a bag o cc's

By the way, anyone who calls themself an "oldschool gamer" is just someone who hasnt seen sun in at least 8 years.

Same goes with anarchist. I'd bet my right ball that none of you chickenshits have ever thrown a brick, let alone taken on the government. Get back to 3rd period maths before the teacher calls your mummy.
I got my l33t snax here, now let me just grab my glasses and ear medicine and i'll be ready for 14 more hours without sun.
by _______________ August 09, 2005
I disagree with both definitions above, the l33t dribk of today is brawls, accompanied with several penguin mints.
mm brawls and penguin mints sure make a caffeine filled, energetic l33t sn4x0r
by LiquidIce October 19, 2003
the food of the l33t, food that is not associated with fast food companies because l33t people are anarchists and do not fund evil coorporations. But which are cheap and junk food.
all soft drinks (even though these are owned by coorporations they enhance your quake, counter strike and h4x0rring reactions skills). True gamers will always have a supply of vanilla coke.


by 0_owaffleo_0 June 24, 2003

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