Top Definition
Means "learn to speak"
Dude: aoeiwth awetr fo adfgsv!
Dude2: l2s ffs!!!!
by yallayalla0 April 17, 2008
Learn to Spell
Facebooker: Your so funny!
Facebookee: L2S.
by MatchooW July 22, 2012

Learn to Sober

Used in response to an individual's drunk tendencies, such as calling an ex-girlfriend or dancing in front of a moving car in a parking lot.
- Yo, that's not yo car!! L2S, nigga!!

- Straighten up, nigga, yo parents are comin home. L2S!
by Mikey 301 June 14, 2007
Acronym for "Life's Too Short," using the 1derful text-message habit of substi2ting numbers 4 similar sounds. I h8 that.
L2S to care about good grammar.
by Baxil January 09, 2008

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