To rest; to recline.
Why don't you lie down?
by LRS November 16, 2004
Getting drunk and kissing one of your closest girl friends, then lying about it to the girl of your dreams when she asks.
Jessica: Are you suuuure you didn't kiss her? I bet you did! You lie.

(Ian thinks to himself: "Uh oh. This can't be good.")

Ian: Nope, I didn't! Honestly.

Jessica: Uhhh... Okay. If you say so.

(Ian thinks to himself: Thank you, God!)
by kissandtell August 15, 2009
Loyalty Is Everything
Ain't nothing like L.I.E.
by HER&HER March 13, 2015
the answer to all your problems.
I lied about my period last night.
by 24canidkasi August 24, 2013
a fun pastime, a simple means of amusement.
I was bored, so I lied to my best friend about everything. I even told her I was adopted.
by i live on pluto November 11, 2011
1. What someone will do when they want a sexual double-standard, to take advantage of their partner.

2. What men will do to keep the peace or gain status; What women will do to attack or gain status.

3. Any and/or every combination and permutation of the above.
No, I don't want to be involved with other people, honey. I ... just ... want ... to ... lie ... with ... you and your sexy body.

When I said you lied, I didn't mean you were just thinking of yourself!

S/He lied, but with such devilish skill that their was no need to open his/her mouth to pull it off.
by cudgel_bear March 08, 2010
What the United States government is telling the American people about 9-11
Saying a one hundered fifty foot wide airliner crashed into the Pentagon yet left a sixty five-foot hole is a big lie told by our government.
by independent fool August 06, 2006
My existence
D: + my life = 2 X D:
by Ryan November 13, 2003

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