Way to interpret reality. Can be used to get free time from your social obligation

It's not a lie, as long as one people believe in it!

Inspired from a friend who lived in ButcherTown
- Boss, I cannot work today, my car doesnt start! ( Taking normally bus )

- Honey, I cannot have time for you today, I have to go to school ( Go drink beer and play poker with friend )

- Honey, I swear I never smoked any weed! (ya ya)

- Hey teacher, I didn't do my homework, I had a virus last week ( actually, last year)
by Mathilda February 01, 2005
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long island expressway
people fuck on the sevice roads nigga!
welcome to my cockle
by James Thurmus July 15, 2003
What men do when they want to get laid.
I lied about the number of women I had slept with.
by John March 22, 2004
everything that's ever been told to you
we don't know reality, because everything that we believe in is a lie
by tommy stonehocker August 23, 2005
Lies are what the world is living on. The whole world cant survive without lies or it crumbles in sorrow, misery, and pain.
You are returning an expensive gift you accidently purchased. You have no excuse so you lie to the cashier thus leaving you with a hefty amount of money needed for more important items.
by 12yr OLD psycho December 29, 2003
To rest; to recline.
Why don't you lie down?
by LRS November 16, 2004
An accusation, proclamation, or suggestion that contradicts reality or is not parallel to the truth.
lie: When a significant other claims victory in said contest or argument. Specifically a contest of feelings or said "luckiness"
by Cody Shgotlaos-eiiiwhei February 26, 2008
The form of government that is currently failing the United States (see democracy)
I wish we didn't live in a nazi state.

I'm sad that the village idiot is leading our supposed democracy...
by amongtheomegas November 03, 2004

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