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læl is a way of expressing laughter, as in lol. The only difference is o being replaced with the scandinavian letter æ. Some spell it lael because only scandinavian keyboards include the æ-button.

The two other scandinavian letters are øand å. Their order in the alphabeth is: ÆØÅ, and they're simply an extension to the all so known English alphabeth (A-Z).

John: Where did Willy go?
Mark: I guess he has to clean his room again..
John: læl
by Ronny André Løkken October 22, 2007

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A scintillating woman on a perpetual quest for a desert-like environment. Keeper of the good cookies.
If it weren't for Lael, I would have starved in this airconditioned hell.
by WarrenCenter February 15, 2005
The cry of an excited nerd; it is usually exclaimed in a high pitched nerd voice.
I just got *insert nerdy thing here* LAEEEL!
by Jaku May 20, 2005
laughing at erotic loser. got it from a friend here in sweden i see many people use it in counter-strike
haha i got you with the knife lael!
by Zecon July 10, 2004