A nine tailed fox of Japanese folklore that can possess humans. It also was considered a symbol of luck in some places.
Smartass: Kyuubi were NOT created in Naruto
Dumbass: yes they were
Smartass: No, they weren't. Learn your History
Dumbass: *drools*
by Aquamentas January 09, 2012
Top Definition
A demon fox that has nine tails.

Kyuu: nine
bi: tails
Kyuubi is a demon that originated from Asia.
by The Fallen Fox May 15, 2005
Kyuubi,means nine tails in Japan.
Kyu=9, bi=tails
Naruto depends on the Kyuubi chakra in order to kick Akatsuki's ass
by Mackerone May 12, 2005
The name of the nine tails inside Naruto.
Bob: Kyuubi gives Naruto chakra.
by Magik November 26, 2004
A demon fox from Japanese folklore that some people believe reside in them. They are normally so heavy into anime that they deserve to be shot in the face, repeatedly.
Me: How you feeling?
Emo kid: My gf broke up with me, i feel like going kyuubi up at her
Me:God damn you are such a bitch nigg
by OXHEAVYARMSXO January 09, 2008
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