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Kyneton is a small town in Victoria, Australia north of Melbourne.
Kyneton consists of a population of stereotype Australian Bogans, a cartel of families who run everything despite their low intelligence & has a large unemployment rate.

The underworld of kyneton is a group of bogan youths who drive around in their "Mario Karts" at night yelling incomprehensible & not half intelligent things at anyone they see.
Bill: where the hell were you on the weekend?
Terry: my parents made me go to kyneton with them
Bill: oh crap, what happened there dude?
Terry: everyone was bogans & they were drunk & there were 4 pubs & then some bogan yelled at me from his "mario kart"
Bill: dude, i hope i never have to go there.
by Vi Svartnar November 16, 2007
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