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On the cartoon South Park, Kyle Broflovski's stereotype Jewish cousin Kyle. He displays may problems including asthma, poor physical ability, complete inability to behave normal and physically poor semen. He is also a tight arse when it comes to money.
Kyle's Cousin Kyle: You, you paid your friends to not make fun of me?
Kyle: Look, it's not because anything's wrong with you.
Kyle's Cousin Kyle: Wow, uh, you think it takes $40 to get people to like me.
Kyle: Kyle, I-I'm sorry
Kyle's Cousin Kyle: Becuase I mean I really think you could have done it for about 12.50.
Kyle: What?
Kyle's Cousin Kyle: Well, I mean, you didn't just start at 40, did you? You you gotta low-ball these things so you have a place to go.
Kyle: amazed Oh, dude.
by Elroy Steel May 15, 2008
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