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the most amazing, perfect sweet boy in the world. light of my life. the funniest, most random and strongest boy ever. cute, adorable and beautiful: he is the person you will undoubtly fall in love with he's mine <3 (:]
You wish you were a Kyle.
by eric (: June 12, 2008
1884 1372
A Kyle is an Australian person who likes to punch babies. Kyles are the gender purple and they're fun police and kangaroos that don't know how to speak proper American. Also, Kyles are really really awesome and good friends.
"What's wrong with you"
"I'm a Kyle."
"That explains it."
by NuclearGears January 05, 2012
82 45
A very quiet timid being who runs at the sound of his name. Tall and distant minded, when he speaks you fall over because u haven't heard him talk in 8 years. He looks like an A&F model and his cologne smells so good it makes you want to attack him and steal his shirt, then run out of the building yelling "HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I GOT IT!!! I GOT IT!!"
Alexandria: OMG I saw Kyle at the store today. I told him Hi....


Alexandria:.......... Sorry?
by RR90 February 06, 2009
139 102
The hottest, most shy guy in homeroom. His shyness is cute, but inconvienient if you want to talk to him.
friend 1: I tried to talk to Kyle today, but all I could think to talk about was math. I am so lame.
friend 2: Yes, you are quite lame.
friend 1: Thanks, I love you too.
by that girl in homeroom April 18, 2009
90 59
The sweetest, cutest, hottest, nicest, most good looking, caring, loving, funniest, most imaginative guy yo'll ever meet. Someone who is very much known to make a girl fall in love with and not want to fall out. He does the sweetest things for his girlfriend and never lets her down. He's the most terrible liar in the cutest way you can think of. His eye brows move and he smiles. He smiles a lot and it's the cutest thing ever. there is so much to say with so litttle space.
I love my Kyle.
by SylGen March 19, 2011
74 45
verb; to have sexual intercorse with good looking female
dude you totally kyled the shit out of her!
by kyledick123 September 04, 2008
168 142
A standard male name that is growing increasingly popular over the progression of time. It is true that people named Kyle can expect above average penile growth usually reaching 10 - 12 inches at maturity.
Person 1: "Hey did you hear that Kyle guy has a thundercock?"

Person 2: "Yeah, I know another guy named Kyle who also has one that is quite large"
by GameTheory07 December 30, 2009
69 44
A guy that would do anything for you and deserves the best. He's looking for a relationship where they both really love eachother. He wants long term, if he can he would probably marry you. He's really fun to be around and funny. He's completely adorable and if you have his heart then hold on to it and never let it go. He's about as close to perfect as you'll get. He's exactly the type of guy you would want to be with forever <3
Wow what a Kyle, he's so in love with her.
by iloveyou*<3*143 April 04, 2011
66 43