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Strange effect on women, creating an unexplainable, Rasputin like attraction. Possibly related to other terms such including:The Mandingo and The Jewish JackHammer.
She didn't seem to interested, but once I unleashed the Jewish Jackhammer she was Kuvined. She won't stop bringing me strawberries.
by the HedgeHog April 30, 2003
7 4

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anal ranger beast fire fun awesome cool jewish
A awesome person who loves food fun and fire
wow you are really acting like a kuvin today
by Akuv February 27, 2008
3 1
A sweet beastly human being,commonly jewish who is awesome and preety much loves fun and fire
My friend was so cool last night that I even called him a Kuvin.
by Alex Kuvin February 27, 2008
3 1
A large, brown, fowl smelling creature that loves the water.
I drank so much coffee this morning that I dropped a huge Kuvin before lunch.
by HoZer April 30, 2003
4 3
see also anal ranger
by Rosa Playa 69 April 30, 2003
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