1.Frontman for the grunge band, Nirvana.

2.The original emo kid.
Nirvana fan: Kurt Cobain is the best singer in the world.
Intelligent person: Come on, man. They actually started the whole emo trend. Go listen to some quality music like Cream.
by ClaptonIsGod September 19, 2010
The act of hitting yourself in the head stupidly.
That kid just got Kurt Cobained from that baseball!
by IP Adress February 07, 2010
Looked at as a martyr to music, but really just an overrated frontman because he died young.
Angsty kid: I LOVE KURT COBAIN!!
Normal kid: That's nice, go read a Spin article where they wrote about him for the third time this year.
by Silly Old Bear July 13, 2006
The most overrated guitarist of all time. He was an alright songwriter, but really shitty guitarist.
Idiot: Oh my god, I love Kurt Cobain, he is the greatest ever.
Non-idiot: Shithead....
by Hardcore Party Whore January 07, 2006
Dead musician known for looking like a slob, not bathing, marrying a crack whore, and hailed as a genius despite trying to eat buckshot for breakfast
If you put the shotgun in your mouth, kurt cobain, it'll kill you
by dcs February 12, 2005
The lead singer of grunge band Nirvana. Although a crappyguitar player (which he himself admited) he is a master song writer and singer. He commited suicide in 1994 because he was too famous, and the fame he got was from the wrong kind of people. He is missed by his fans and his wife (Courtney) who he loved very much.
Kurt Coabin is another example of a great left handed guitarist.
by Snipe September 25, 2004
The hottest and most talented human being to ever walk the face of the earth.
Too good for examples
by NirvanaGirl August 30, 2004

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