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A Japanese suffix added to a name (preferably to a male's name). It is used for friends, and possibly the men that you fancy.
Sasuke-kun; Itachi-kun.
by Tsuzuka December 07, 2004
a suffix attached to the surname of younger men or the same age as the speaker.
it isn't used between women or addressing superiors however a man can address a inferior woman by ~kun (in schools or companies)
it is less polie than ~san.
(35)Takenouchi: doomo Daigo~kun
(25)Daigo: doo itashimashite Takenouchi~san
by Tadukhipa December 28, 2005
A suffix attached to names in Japanese.
Using it shows an informal relationship between speaker and listener.

Used with person's first name
Ohio Vash-kun!
by Camo-Kun August 27, 2003
Sergio Aguero.

'Kun Aguero, Atletico's prize asset'
by bifty shugger March 04, 2009
term or name referring to a stylish asian
you look like kun today
by drjmo November 16, 2009
my friend(Japan)
Tasha-kun=my friend Tasha
by Nasyki February 28, 2004
Kun means just kidding. A very common term used amongst teens.
Bob: I love you :)
Jane: Really?
Bob: KUN

I was just kunning you.

She kunned me real good.
by BoopBoopADoop May 08, 2009
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