A person who is cool, collected and clumsy. Has sense of humor + helps others but is shy. Has a great body yet hides it, not confident. But has the worst timing in the world and is amazingly widespread. Good for a chill laugh and a lazy day. Peaceful and sexy, go to gal.
Friend: Hey Kuhnster! Nice scar how'd u get that one?

Kuhnster: Fell down a ladder and landed in a bush. (laughs)

Friend: I think it makes you look hot. Wanna go out?

Kuhnster: Thanks though, I can't, got plans. bye... (runs off blushing)
by duke adams June 21, 2011
Top Definition
A mental condition induced by years of non-stop halo playing. Often characterized by intense stupidity, a false sense of accomplishment, loss of all common sense, and shitting your pants during games of halo. This condition is usaly harmless except when nerds or minorities are near they often get beat down.
K- Yo im ranked number 1 in the world in snipers for halo.
P- Wow your such a kuhnster.
K- Woa man im not that bad, well i did shit my pants last nite but it was an intense game.
P: ...Ya your not that bad?!
by Pete allen March 03, 2007
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