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The action on not being bothered.

Originally 'Kubuff', it was an attempt to verbalize the common text language term 'CBF' (cant be fucked). Along with additional laziness the word then shortened into its commonly known form today, 'kub'.
Guy 1: Do you want to play co-op call of duty?

Guy 2: Kub


Guy 1: Do you want to go into town for some food?

Guy 2: Kub, lets order pizza.
by concarnage November 09, 2011
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Nickname for a very hottttt guy!
ooooooo Kubs is online!

see also: hottttt
by Patirce February 20, 2005
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(Keep Up, Bitch!) An acronym first coined by one Alfredo Catolico. A man above all others, used this now famous phrase to encourage others to stay with the group and stay on track.
The Crossfit Workout is gonna be tough today! K.U.B.
by Spankich April 13, 2011
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fly, awesome, "the shit", sweetas, Antonym: Mingin
yo, that rugby game was mad kub.
by Mattdrava11 August 07, 2007
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