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A small flat berry with a rough lumpy exterior. Krunes are often made into a thick jam-like paste to be enjoyed on crumpets toast or a nice krune muffin. Krune cake, a delicacy of the 1860s in northern Abyssinia, was a large dry biscuit, often served in 2 layers with a layer of cream in between, which had dried krunes spread through and a hole in the center which was filled with warm Krune paste. Krunes have been known to resemble the faces of celebrities.
Did you see that krune, it looked just like Theodore Krunesevelt!
by Jose Dos Anjos August 02, 2011
To troll masterfully.
Cheap Chalupas got kruned over at his Open Borders website.
by Lysenthorpe August 09, 2013
a word to describe a hideously disfigured man or woman.
Yeah she is one hell of a krune!
by Colonel Smith July 31, 2011