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krook is a rather large pimp...who is pretty much a baller...and if krook or anyone else is krooked or krooked by the book there fucked up like high or drunk...a krook is also involed in rappin
man im krooked or im krooked by the book...
by david#99theillest August 16, 2007
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A Krook is a big fan of Mitchel Musso. On Twitter, it has been misused by Kyle, a former friend of Mitchel.
User 1: OMG have you seen that girl?
User 2: She is crazy about Mitchel Musso!
User 1: IKR! Such a Krook!
by dying4themussos January 03, 2012
A Krook is a pansy ass twig kid who plays games constantly and has no friends, except those who are extreme gamers as well. When you see a krook you will almost always find a mouse and keyboard, but never any woman. A krook will never get laid and likes to masturbate at 5:00 in the morning.
This gamer hasn't moved from his computer for almost two days straight, he is definately a krook.
by Andy Panda April 14, 2004

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