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when a person gets head underwater
dude last night alisa gave him a kroger
by ThatOneChik December 02, 2006
5 14
Hell. as simple as that, No more no less
"Stop whining" at kroger
by Tabris September 08, 2004
180 65
a forced labor camp in which poor people are forced to complete useless tasks at the beckoning of five bazillion bosses each having they're own stupid idosynchrocies.
"hey man wutz up? Jus goin to work. Where? Kro-er..hell."
by mat April 01, 2003
158 51
Commonly mistakened for the concentration camps where Hitler would persecuit jews. Instead of killing people at kroger though, they force them to do mind numbing work, such as pushing large metal objects, many at a time. This is forced upon the victim until death ensues or genocide of the supervisors.
Wow, you go to Kroger? Doesn't that suck?
by Pasty April 01, 2003
130 44
Kroger is a grocery chain headquartered in Cincinnati Ohio. There are stores throughout the southeast and Upper South.
I went to Kroger to pick up some frozen Skyline Chiliand some Grippo potato chips.
by Marthakay December 12, 2005
77 54
A code name for strip club. Effectively lets you and your friends talk freely about the titty bar without turning any heads.
Hey bro. I got a pocket full of cash lets go to Krogers.
by ChalieX November 14, 2010
15 0
a grocery store in the southeast. also a euphemism for taking a shit, or the product of one, usually taken in a krogerarium (bathroom).
i just made the biggest kroger
by brancrew May 07, 2009
29 19
Describes poor quality. The word is derived from Kroger Stores. The motto is "Quality Garanteed". It is a sarcasim.
Man, that car is Kroger! or My bike tire fell of again! This thing is Kroger.
by Andrew Thompson 620 September 01, 2008
18 16