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A tan one receives from pushing carts during the summer at Kroger. The tan is everywhere on the body that has not been covered by the Kroger uniform.
Joe: Jane, your kroger cart tan looks nice!
Jane: I know, don't you love how only my calves, forearms, neck, and face are slightly tanned? I sure do!
by maria l. September 25, 2006
16 2
"Farmer's tan"
Tan one obtains from being outside pushing carts at Kroger. The tan is everywhere that the Kroger uniform is not.
After a long day at work, Jane comes home and strips down to see that the only tan parts of her body are her calves, face, neck and forearms.
Jack: Shyyt, Jane, you have a Kroger Cart Tan!
Jane: I know, Jack, it makes me feel so... sexy. I love having only my lower limbs tanned.
by Maria Lehner September 17, 2006
5 1