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(verb)To engage in the act of kroging, whereby the (male or female) kroger firmly scrapes their fingernails in a 'come hither' motion along the undercarriage of a male, beginning between the anus and scrotum and proceeding toward the anterior along the length of the scrotum. The kroger then samples the scrapings by smelling, tasting or both.
Girl, my gooch is sore from all the kroging last night.
by GabrielSix April 04, 2005
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A nickname for the Kroger grocery store chain. Some hipsters take it one step further and call their local Kroger store "The Rodge". A great place to load up on beer, snacks, and smokes....not to mention some great deals on food and essential items.
We runnin' outta brews....time to roll up into K-roge for some 40's, 24-pack of Colt 45, and 2 packs of Newpies.

We betta ride over to K-roge and snag us a turkey and fixins' befo' the rest of da hood roll up in there and pick dat store clean!

You know I be gettin' paid....just got me a j-o-b down at K-roge cuttin' meat.
by One_Bad_Dog November 21, 2010
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