Rhymes with Jingle
"Im the real Santa yes Im the real Kringle
All you fly girls like my balls cause they Jingle"
by ---SeX--- May 12, 2004
Top Definition
A danish pastry made and sold in Racine, WI. Usually contains fruit or nut filling and is frosted; may be filled with cream cheese or chocolate. Generally comes in a oval ring that is about 18" long.
Let's order some kringle from kringle.com! mmmm....
by Pammm January 27, 2007
v. To cringe at the thought of participating in any lame holiday events.

I kringle when I think of singing carols at the homeless shelter. It makes me think of my own bleak childhood. So many bad "Drummer Boy" renditions at the home. Hadn't we suffered enough?
by gnostic 1 December 13, 2012
a yummy pastry.
ooh, i like kringle. :>
by claire January 04, 2004
Thrash metal legend in training has very impressive side burns
Kringle plays eruption with his teeth
by HuskerDu April 16, 2005
A verb; to make something Christmassy.
Derived from Chris Kringle, an alternate name for Santa Claus.
Found in the PVP strip for November 17, 2004.
I hate when people start kringling their houses before Thanksgiving.

"You kringled my iPod."
by l33tm0nk3y August 11, 2008
1. One's certain movements, mannerisms and/or habits. Usually it is unique to them.

2. When one makes certain movements or acts in a certain manner.

2. When you pinch all of your fingers towards the inside of your palm, and raise it above your head, that would be kringle.
You can give kringle to somebody when you do something strange.

I've gotten kringle by looking at someone saying something weird to me, or acting in a certain manner. I inherit kringle from them.

The sister in Pet Semetery has kringle.

Certain moves that a certain star makes on stage is kringle.

When skateboarders are doing jumps, they'll commit kringle.

Jim Carey has full kringle.

Dennis Rodman has basketball kringle.
by trend July 16, 2004

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