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Slang for cocaine
Dude, do you have some krell?
by motleycrue April 23, 2009
A verb, as in "to Krell somebody." Especially popular in Riverdale Illinois. Means: To look someone in the eye, lie your ass off, promise him/her anything (everything), and have no intention of following through. And then tell a (another)lie.
"Please, please, please, I won't Krell you. Just lend me $20 and I'll pay you back Tuesday. Don't believe me? Neither do I. Wait! Do you want to buy a washer and dryer?"
by Alicia Krell (nee ) Kozcek March 13, 2005
slang for "speed","crank" or "meth",and has nothing to do with cocaine.
Damn Bro,my girlfriend did some of that krell you gave me and she's been locked in the bathroom trying to pick spiders out of her face for the past 3 days now.
by clemricosuave January 29, 2015
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