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The hottest sexiest girl who is the love of my life. she is intense and fierce like tyra banks. She has a danielle ass. and has experienced a Krauss Krossface. She also has a small penile dysfunction called a dahlstrom. She uses viagra and tampons. she sticks it up the you know what. well she is like the number one girl to bang. you should remember that. ILOVETHATGIRL. Damn shes a sexy bitch.
"That girl was the hottest chick since heff"
"DUDE! you witnessed a KREEG!"
by kreegalicious April 17, 2010
One who acts extremely absurd when intoxicated. Carrying on like a krunk Negro actin like they up in a music video.
That DB was supper Kreeg Tryin to break dance on that bums cardboard box.
by Unotadatfasho January 08, 2011