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Any rude, loud mouthed, obnoxious, bad smelling, ignorant, deranged, racist, insane, freaky, bigoted, mean, stupid, scary, dumb, moronic, retarded person or a Collingwood supporter.

Alternatively it can be used when one of your very good friends (or someone you like) does something endearingly silly or stupid.
1. Did you see that kraskity kraskit sitting on the train next to me? Man she was weird!

2. That woman used so much fake tan she was orange, talk about being kraskitalicious.

3. Oh Sarah, why did you ask me how to spell orange? You're such a kraskit!!
by Medallion April 17, 2008
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Anyone or anything that is one or more of the following:

Annoying, stupid, mental, a Collingwood supporter, an insane person, a smelly person, a gross person, a weird person, anyone on public transport at any given time who is not a cute boy, Public Transport companies and their respective employees, anything uncool or unsexy in any way, anything to do with the government and anyone who has ever written an advertisement in their life.
Oh my god look at that Collingwood Supporter over there, he is such a Kraskit
by AGMGM November 25, 2007
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