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kranthi is sanskrit word which is first used when there is no good on earth and a god named "Kranthi" started a revolt against evil. Since then, kranthi is used as synonymous to revolution. People by the name kranthi are usually good at love making and aphrodisiacs.
when good is done, people become kranthi
by Almighty369 February 04, 2010
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A name ony reserved for the most beautiful girl in the world. there's only one that i know she can totally blow your mind. no word in the whole world can describe her. often likes smoking the ganga and drinking. makes your whole day better. i suggest you get yourself one like her. make the best girlfriends ever. wifey material. i love you kranthi :)
kranthi is the perfect name for a perfect girl. nothing else would do
by indianBallr1058 September 10, 2009
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