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KP has the illest tits in the town of massapequa. She is known for those gorgeous double D warlocks. Its pretty sick. Go on a trampoleen with them. It is amazing. KP is also the founding father of ILLLL TITSSSSSS
Wow look at KP over there..........ILL TITS.
by jaycreepinhard September 01, 2010
0 5
Kitchen Police, the soldier who is assigned to the kitchen duties in the army or navy. Police means maintenance, repair here, not peace keeping
I was a KP in WWWII and never had a battel with the Japs, what a shame!
by kewt July 14, 2002
121 57
Pronounced: Cape
when someone fails a joke or story (helps really well in deflecting awkward situations/silences)
Chris: Hey guys wouldn't it be funny if I went to all their cars and put up all their windsheild wipers?!
Jon: Yeah... k'p
Everyone: hahaha yeah k'p
by JonHope September 01, 2009
50 11
Slang used by Korean pre-teens meaning, Korean Pride.
by thrive July 22, 2003
109 83
acronym: kitchen patrol. a responsibility to thoroughly clean the kitchen
can't talk now, I'm on KP
by tupperware March 01, 2002
55 29
Abbreviation for "Korean Pride." Often used in a derogatory context to refer to Korean teenagers that correspond with negative Korean stereotypes, such as smoking, spitting, having bleached hair and/or hair gelled into an impractical style, speaking in Korean for the sake of gossip, etc.
That group of KPs always smokes behind the library after school.
by liaotin February 10, 2009
67 44
Killer Pussy
Damn she had some KP!

How was she? Oh she was off the hook, she has some KP!

She has some kpeezy!
by Tell it! September 12, 2011
28 9
Acronym for 'Kilometre Peter', meaning a guy with a large member. Also, a guy with big feet, because you know what they say about guys with big feet.
"Look, that guy has size fifteen feet!"

"he's so KP!"
by eugenesmonalisa August 03, 2009
59 44