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a hiperactive female bepop fan (check booty)
Person A: Kosa is coming.
Person B: God help us.
by mtk October 16, 2004
A female writer who lives thug ways but has great style and grace. A person who is rare . 'Kosa' in Spanish translates for 'thing' a rare thing. This consists of being your own person, not only a person but more than that being capable to do your own thing and not what others expect. A kosa lives in a palace, a palace without jewels or riches but in her mind it's everything, she is a queen in her world no downfalls matter , with dreams like no other. Many say she lives in Jamaica in a cave by a cannabis field with a goblin who rolls her weed. Don't be afraid to be a thing.
J : Kosa you don't show to care about anything but I love you

Kosa: let's listen to music & fly
by MGP December 21, 2013

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