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A band that was formed in 1993 in Bakersfield, California, and emerged with their first album "KoRn" in 1994. The album was a hit in the metal world, as no one had heard anything like it ever before. They have since realised 7 other studio albu,s : Life is Peachy, Follow the Leader, Issues, Untouchables, Take a Look in the Mirror, See You on the Other Side, and an Untitled album. Unfortunately for KoRn, several other trash bands like Slipknot and Limp Bizkit tried to copy their sound, and gave KoRn a band Nu-Metal rep.

Line Up:
Jonathan Davis - Lead Vocals - A really unique singer with the ability to reach many different vocal ranges. He can also scream/scat, as well as play the bagpipes.

Munky - Ex-rythm/Present lead guitarist - Munky is a guitarist that tries, and tries very very hard. Although not containing the best technical skill, he does his best with what talent he has and creates some really catchy riffs (aka evolution).

Fieldy - Bassist - Although at one time probably the worst bassist in the music industry, Fieldy has really matured his sound and style and pioneered the slap-bass technique. You can really hear his skill in songs like "Here to Stay" and "Got the Life".

I am not going to both mentioning Head and David as they are no longer a part of KoRn...

Now for a more personal note. I love KoRn.
No, I am not some 12 year old kid with an attitude problem, No, I do not like Slipknot. KoRn is a band, whether or not you think they are metal, is your opinion, but like it or not, they are huge, and sell out concerts all over the world. The common misconception is that KoRn is pussy metal, or whatever the fuck you want to call it. These statements are made by ignorant people who have a) never listened to them - and - b) followed the crowd with the rest of their "true-metal" friends. My question to them is, what is "True Metal"? Metallica, Slayer? I listen to all of that, and if "True-metal" is heavy stuff like that, then black sabbath and led zeppelin arent true metal...and they are the reason metal is alive today...
Case and point, dont judge a band you dont know anything about, because your bands get trashed by people too, and dont tell me it doesnt annoy you. Accept the fact that other people like other music, and dont act the badass because you like death metal or hardcore....

Yes urban dictionary, this was mainly made to silence the shitheads who have nothing better to do than dis my music.

"True" metal head : Dude KoRn sucks why do you listen to them, only little kids like that trash.

Me: obviously not...have you ever even listened to their music...?

"True" metal head : I dont have to, I just know they suck.

Me: Thats kind of ignorant...no?

by Will Brasil September 09, 2008
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the best fucking band ever!
korn is so hardcore even chuck norris jacks off while listing to korn.
by koRnPrincess44 August 08, 2007
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1. A Nu-Metal band from the 80's.

2. A sex position where the male ejaculates on the females asshole and licks it up.
1. An awesome band- KoRn.

2. That's fucking discusting.
by DatAnonGuy January 29, 2011
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an amazing band who has lost their way with their two last albums but i hope the knor i know and love returns some day.
person 1: dude what happened to korn?
person 2: what do you mean?
person 1: their music is different somehow
person 2:oh i know it kinda sounds like jonathan davis lost his anger
person 1: dude thats so it!
person 2: i know its so sad
by seedgirl323 August 16, 2007
12 20
the best fucking band in the fucking world, and founders of nu metal.......... freak on a leash was legendary. SYOTOS and untitled were travesties

srry KoRn, love you tho.
(some little pric dipshit male asshole fucker) KoRn sux my dick, i hope jonathan davis never sings again!!!!!

(me) ur a fag and you have no life, go the fuck home with ur daddy issues, and do us all favors and jump down a fucking drain. or better yet go suck ur daddys dick, cuz thats wat ur good at.........

(some little pric dipshit male asshole fucker) sobbing: i have a lil penis. (runs home)
by Krtwafi May 13, 2010
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KoRn is a band that pioneered the Nu-Metal genre. This of course means that it spawned a bunch of other shitty bands that are even worse than it, although that's pretty hard to imagine. KoRn's fan base consists of whining bitches who think their life is horrible, when in reality, there is nothing wrong. The KoRn fan base will also argue that the band is hated among metal heads do to it's different sound. In reality, different is a poor word to use, more like shitty. KoRn has ruined the Metal genre and spawned countless posers who are just in it for the money (Just like KoRn is).
Set "I like to think of KoRn as crap, that proceeded to spawn more crap."
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
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one of the few nu metal bands that are actually good. when they first started out , they made a unique sound that many shitty nu metal bands tried to copy, gave a big " fuck you " to the music industry , and put lots of energy and emotion into their work . but now ,they're complete sellouts. why ? because now they're the exact opposite of what they once were. now they sound like some kind of shitty pop music band and practically suck the music industry's cock. oh well ....
nu metal sucks, the only good bands are korn , slipknot , and disturbed.
by someguywhomakesdefinitions May 16, 2007
54 79
A reference made to kernels of yellow vegatable, most often found when vomiting or defecating.
Whoa. Look at my shit. I don't remember eating korn.
by KrustyKrab July 22, 2003
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