Adj. Eastern Scottish slang for anything related to the emotionally unstable, unpredictable, and over all ridiculous.
Can you korbin it down a little? its just anal sex.

Sorry for going all korbin on're right. all animals do it. it must be natural.
by whatwhatwhathwaht August 23, 2010
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an extremely nice guy, that is very cute. and has one of the best girlfriends. everyone either has a crush on him, or wants to be him.
oh god, i wish i was korbin!
by mackenzie! ((: September 01, 2008
The most amazing, talented, sweet, perfect guy ever created. His smile makes hearts stop, his eyes take my breath away. Nice, hair, nice voice, nice everything. His touch gives me chills. Gives the BEST hugs, in the world. He may not think he is, but he's perfect in every way. He's ticklish, which is adorable. His laugh warms my heart. Being with him makes me forget about all of my problems, insecurities, flaws, the whole rest of the world. If I didn't have him, I couldn't go on. He brings out the best in me. I'd do anything to make him smile, anything. He's the most loving, gentle, respectable boy I've ever had the opportunity to meet. He's my whole world. And best of all, he's mine.
God took his time on him. It shows. <3
Who's that?
That's Korbin, he's perfect.
by angell_capehart September 07, 2013

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