This word describes someone without a father, or someone that has been left by his father after his birth. You have to be very close to the person you call Kopele, otherwise it's very offensive! It's like the N word for people with black background. Mostly used in Bulgaria.
Ko staa we kopele? - What's up bastard?

or.. you can use it call or talk about someone:
That dirty kopele!! - same as: That dirty son of a bitch!
by Veniamin February 09, 2009
Top Definition
1. or aka kopile - literally means bastard; that is the offensive form used predominately by old people
2. Widely used in Sofia among guys since the 1970s; as mentioned previously it is not an insult but rather slang for a man, buddy, etc.

NOTE: In Bulgaria only people from Sofia refer to each other as kopele and only they can use that word on anyone else; if you are from the province and you use the word kopele – first, you would sound ridiculous, second, you would be laughed at and third, you would eventually get a kick in the mouth. Foreigners using "kopele" are exempted from the latter example. ;-)))
1. Ela tuka, kopile, takova.
2. Kude si be, kopele!

by Enegyxo April 17, 2008
1. Just like dude, pale and so on.
2. Someone with father unknown = bastard
1. Come on, kopele, liven it up!
2. Screw you, kopele!
by Egati powera May 05, 2005
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