Someone who was never cool who desperately wanted to be so changed the C in cool cat to Kool Kat and in turn still knows they are not cool but tries so hard
So anyway daniel what were you saying you were going to ask out Anna belinda?

Yeah when she sees what a Kool Kat i am she wont be able to resist.

Yeah i think you have a good chance (Wink Wink Nudge Nudge).
by John Fenty November 12, 2007
Top Definition
Someone who is cool, or 'kool'. Also rad, original, wicked, killer, awesome, radtastic and superbly excelent.

Kool kats are often trend setters...and are not to be messed with.
Hey, that Zach sure is one kool kat!!

Wow, Emma, CJ, Mackenzie and Shanny are such kool kats! No one messes with them!

Did you see what that kool kat Kaitlyn was wearing?

Lindy is such a kool kat! She's radtastic!
by Lolly* April 05, 2006
people (preferably a group of females) that are very cool.

the coolest of all people. no one else is cooler than them.

they do fantastic, crazy things that no one else can ever do or think of.

I saw kelly planking on the bridge, while anna fed her a slice of cake.
by AKVR November 03, 2011
A rad bro whose best friends are freshmen and have weird fantasies together.
This one Kool Kat named EZB wanted to paint toe nails with me at the beach. It was legit AF.
by zongathong May 10, 2011
n. - one who is just way to cool for the people who think they are so cool/hot shit.
Jennifer Fornek and Olivia Bator are kool kats. 8-)
by Olivia/Jen January 29, 2006
a group of foolish people
Charlotte "Let's make a group and call it the kool kats"
Katherine "i just love you guys so much"
Caroline "man you guys are foolish"
by KOOL KAT #3 November 28, 2010
also known as PJW name given by Pooh/ Eddie Burke (RIP) and Rewster, State college Crew.
Just the coolest MF, and slickest you will ever know.
by slick daddy March 31, 2005

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