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A very big smile.

When a child drinks kool aid or some other brightly dyed beverage and ends up staining the outside of their mouth.
He's had a kool aid smile ever since the birth of his son.
by Blowfish July 25, 2005
a large, cheesy grin on a person, similar to the one the Kool-Aid man has in the commercial. A Kool-Aid Smile is usually seen when a person has accomplished a major feat or task, or something extraordinarily good happens to that person.
Ryan walked out of her house with a big ass Kool-Aid smile on his face.
by Rey Del Fuego November 11, 2007
A smile that is so big, that all your teeth show, and it looks like you are the happiest kid on Earth.
On Christmas, the girl was so happy that she had a kool-aid smile.
by jaaaayr December 21, 2010
The smile a girl puts in when she's crushing on s guy.
I know you like him. You've got that kool aid smile on.
by Quirky24 December 31, 2011
The red mustache one receives after eating a girl out on her period.
Guy 1: "Yo beezy. I was eatin' ma chick out yesterday and guess what I got!"


Guy 1: Nope! A Koolaid smile!
by Ethizzabeth March 06, 2008
When a guy goes down on a girl who is on the rag and when he comes up he has a ring of period blood around his mouth that resembles the effects of drinking red Kool-Aid.
So I went down on her last night, and she was on the rag, when I came up I had the biggest Kool Aid Smile ever.
by Anonymous_Hero April 04, 2010
a ring of period blood left around the mouth after receiving red wings
When I saw my kool aid smile, I punched that bitch in the face.
by 131241) May 01, 2006
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