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What you doin...simple
"Wut it dew cuz?"

-"Shit,..koolaid,..wuz good"
by 53 dub December 14, 2005
8 54
A term used to describe sumthin cool, or exciting. First used when Jesinia said "im bak" then i said "KOOLAID".
"Hey have u seen my new car?"...."Hell yea i did and that shit is KOOLAID!"
by Daniel March 17, 2005
6 58
what you call someone when they ruin a joke.
chris says joke nick says something dumb and makes no scence what so ever so both chris and jimmy call nick koolaid
by touch me April 04, 2005
1 57
cool, straight, great, wonderful, good
The party last night was kool-aid.
by ash'rob October 25, 2003
8 76