A black girls wedgie!
Hol on girl while I dig out my kool aid!
by Pdoggie June 26, 2006
What u need after youve been draggin your ass after a long hockey game, makes you meat strong and big
you need to get the shit out of your pants! go drink your damn Kool-aid
by Dave jasp1234 May 13, 2005
in need of or lacking " cool " aka " Kool " .....no just "cool"
"man that dude is in definite need of koolaid "
" that car is in koolaid "
by Phoxbwell January 14, 2006
What you doin...simple
"Wut it dew cuz?"

-"Shit,..koolaid,..wuz good"
by 53 dub December 14, 2005
A term used to describe sumthin cool, or exciting. First used when Jesinia said "im bak" then i said "KOOLAID".
"Hey have u seen my new car?"...."Hell yea i did and that shit is KOOLAID!"
by Daniel March 17, 2005
what you call someone when they ruin a joke.
chris says joke nick says something dumb and makes no scence what so ever so both chris and jimmy call nick koolaid
by touch me April 04, 2005
cool, straight, great, wonderful, good
The party last night was kool-aid.
by ash'rob October 25, 2003
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