Keeping Our Own Kids Safe
Soccer moms need to stop being trying to be KOOKS and let children live thier lives and learn from thier own mistakes.
by Charles Hall III February 15, 2008
A kook is Matt Kolibas, the name originated after Ponnett derived Kookabis from his last name. Kookabis eventually turned into Kook and to this day on thats what the census calls him.
"Hey Kook get that str8 nutsac a brewskie."
by Matt Kolibas April 05, 2005
A person who comes from Bellville, Cape Town. ie. The Kook capital of the world.
Genine is such a kook!

Man 1: Where is Genine from?
Man 2: Bellville I think...
Man 2: What a Kook!
by fredfredfred August 27, 2006
A ginga minga, who pushes mongo.

" Damn, Mike D,, Theres kooks all over the show"
by Mark June 01, 2003
skrew the person who wrote rollerblader you jackasshole
you suck eggs you kooky hack
by ilive2roll November 02, 2005
A Bishque. A Sherman.
Look at that old kook, his name is Sherman.
by someone April 24, 2005
bodyboarders are kooks
oi did u c that bodyboarder kook
by harry August 06, 2004

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