a band from the UK, they are absolutely amazing, pop done right!
have you heard the kooks? go listen to them NOW!!!
by idofexorz October 13, 2007
a surfer who inhibits the enjoyment of other surfers. can be done in a few ways:

1. snake people out in the water.
2. feel they have the right to put other people down because they arent as good of surfers as others
3. pick fights with people to make yourself feel superior
4. dont follow the rules of the water

a kook is NOT someone who is a bad surfer. even if they arent that good, they still might not be a kook if they follow the right rules of the water and show respect for the other surfers. its not about how good you are, its about how much fun you're having.
Look at that guy, he gets in my way and has the nerve to start a fight with me. Whats with all the stickers on his board anyway? He's not sponsered! What a kook!
by StampMaster6000 January 16, 2008
(verb., pronunciation köök it) : To make a fool of one's self, particularly infront of others. See also: kooked it (past-tense), kook (noun)
I tried to break into the safe with the excavator, but I kooked it!
by TwoChickenNuggets October 15, 2009
A person who is socially challenged in the most common social gatherings. They often feel the need to put themselves out in the open and bring attention to themselves by: speaking about topics they know little or none about, trying their very hardest to fit in when they don't, using words such as "dude, totally, gnarly, and far out" all in one sentence, ride long-board skateboards and push with their FRONT foot (Whomper Style), or someone who looks up the definition of kook... probably because you were called one.
Kook - "Dude, did you see me catch that totally far out gnarly wave?"
Person - "Dude, you're such a fucking kook."
by suckafromanothamotha October 08, 2010
when a person acts like they know what they're doing but in fact don't. they use words like gnarly and bro. a person who is scared out in he lineup and doesn't paddle for any waves. a person who wears a saggy wet suit and cant make it past the white wash.
Jose: "yo wheres chris?"
kyle: "probably stuck in the white wash or back at shore"
Jose "what a fucking kook!"
by jose123456 February 23, 2012
an eccentric person
His uncle was downright kook. (example of kook)
by The Return of Light Joker August 09, 2010
Someone who fakes talent at Surfing, Skateboarding, and Longboarding. They will most likely show up with a brand fucking new setup that's top of the line, and that setup will most likely be incompatible with there style of riding (e.g. 85a slide wheels on a downhill board). The kook will also most likely use incorrect terminology, sounding like an imbecile. Avoid kooks at all costs.
Kook: "I just did the steeziest toedge skid today on my downhill. I was going like 100mph on my local hill, with my Evo set with 65mm 85a wheels and non-spaced bearings! I also did some freeride, but there was too much thane on my bearings."

Normal Longboarder: "Today was pretty good, I had to sweep some shit out of the road, but the run has great corners to predrift or rail. My Arbalest with 78a 76mm wheels was doing great, the new wheels thane really nice. I was going to do some freeride but I forgot my slide wheels."
by BrohanSebastianBach February 21, 2014

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