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Kokot is a slovak noun for cock or dick. It´s used as insult or dishonour.
It can be used as title for phallus, penis.
"A ten kokot, co po mne krici, toho zabijem nozom!"
"Co si tam mam dat kokot na ten nos?" (author: Melisko)

Translation: "And the dick, who shouts at me, I´ll kill him with the knife!"
"Shall I give a dick on that nose?"
by Oliver P. January 20, 2008
a kokot is person who is bitching about everything and acts like a fucker. he often says words like he is the best man ever...
It also may be used for man's sexual organ.
On je ale kokot! (he is so a dick)
On ma ale velky kokot. (he has a big cock)
by ajo & mato July 22, 2005