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the freshman year at the Citadel. supposed to instill discipline and leadership, but in reality is an exercise in hazing,hypocrisy and abuse. knobs come out either brainwashed or GTFO
a knob's cadre squad sergeant one knob year tells his cadets to hide contraband and lie about it. the knob who obeys the honor code and reports him is forever thence a "shitout" and a "fucking rat", who upperclass and fellow classmates will make life hell for.
by from nam to fam January 20, 2012
A real fourth class system not to be confused with the puny Rat line, Plebe summer, or Beast barracks. A fun filled nine months of Spirit runs with a all expenses paid trip to the ER. two hour long mop details in freezing weather. School spirit, An actual education unlike VMI, and a set of balls at the end.
Knob Year = Hell
by GB12 January 21, 2009