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Not to be confused with the jean noster, a knob noster is when a chick gives a guy a handjob using breast milk as lube. When the guy finishes, she cleans everything up with her mouth, then spits "knob noster" in his face.
When Allison was done giving Adam a handjob with her breast milk, she cleaned off his cock with her mouth, and spit knob noster in his face.
#head #bust a nut #brain #blowjob #handjob #missouri
by JustGotKnobNostered December 17, 2010
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When a guy gets head then it is finished with a sneeze on the dick.
Yo man this ho gave me a knob noster last night, I busted a nut all over her face after!
#head #bust a nut #brain #missouri #mizzou
by feck nishes May 24, 2009
a boy who sucks other mens dicks in order to pay for his drugs
I got knobnostered by A kid so he could buy meth
by jiss on myself April 05, 2003
Synonymous with "cocksucker," knobnoster is actually the name of a town in Vermont. Easily used an a vituperative, the work "knobnoster" can act as both a noun or an adjective
Aww, shut the fuck up, dumbass knobnoster!
by Jonathan A November 12, 2004
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