1) An otherwise unfunny, awkward, or just stupid joke. Usually a dad pun or something of the sort. Said after this to show that it should have never been said in the first place. Invented by hillbillies and rednecks when sitting on their porches, slapping their knees when somthing funny happens.

2)said after something funny and stupid happens.
dumb guy:"Two peanuts are walking down the street, and one of them was assaulted!"

normal guy (slaps knee and fake-laughs):"Wow! That sure was a knee slapper!"

guy skates and falls off rail, hurting his knee and friend laughs.
Later they are talking and laughing about a dumb joke.

friend:"wow that sure was a knee slapper!" (slaps knee)

guy:"yea!"(slaps knee very hard, and dislocates it from the earlier accident)

friend:"no that's a knee slapper!"
by dhawk123 March 08, 2009
Top Definition
Sarcastically used to point out an unfunny joke. It originates from the act of slapping one's knee during vigorous laughter. Later took on a sarcastic meaning.
Comedian: I just flew in from Los Angeles, and boy are my arms tired!

Audience member in sarcastic tone: wow that's a real knee-slapper
by Joe February 11, 2003
When one finds something extremely amusing, while seated the person slaps their own knee in jubilation.
That joke was a hellava kneeslapper, I laughed my ass off.

by Count Funkula June 13, 2003
something that is stupid and funny at the same time
Guy 1: So a guy walks into a bar...OUCH!
Guy 2: ROFL THAT'S A KNEE SLAPPER! *slaps knee*
Random Guy: Oh yeah? How bout a face slapper! *slaps Guy 1 and 2's face*
by Skullex May 17, 2008
when someone slapps their knees because somethings really funny.
eg. danas brother sings and dances to 'its raining men' KNEE-SLAPPER

eg. claudias hair is ranga *slaps knee*
by dont you just wish you knew July 13, 2009
a joke that is so silly that in order to handle it you must slap your knee
Rick told me the best knee-slapper yesterday.
by KROGO June 25, 2005
A funny story or event. Generally used facetiously. If not used facetiously, the user is a dork.
by emelizabeth October 30, 2004
adverb. A term used to describe a dumb-ass joke. Its inception was the result of someone noticing their friend slapping their thigh/knee when a joke was told. It's an official "knee slapper" when the person laughing sqints their eyes, slaps their knee, and can barely speak due the amount of laughimg taking place. This definition is considered a "knee slapper".
What do you call someone who doesn't fart in public?

A private tutor!!

-knee slapper
by MegDar September 20, 2009
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