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Pronounced as klawn
1. n. pussy; quim; vagina; snatch; snapper; twat; cunt
2. n. girls; decent lay; any remotely attractive female capable of sexual activity; any girl 5 on the scale or higher
(plural)- klaughn
1. "We have to get some klaughn tonight."
2. "There is some sweet klaughn over at the end of the bar, let's go hit on them."
3. "I don't know, she's kinda busted." "Ya, but klaughn is klaughn."
4. Jake was supposed to get klaughn last night, but Joe cock blocked him.
5. Pat fingerblasted Kelly's asshole with three fingers while he ate her klaughn.
6. "Jake and Pat were astounded that they spent hundreds of dollars at the bar and still didn't pull any klaughn."
by Greens April 01, 2007
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