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Klac is a group of four hardcore gangsters (katelyn, leah, alex and carleigh) from the NOVA area that put pink in peoples hair, terrorize neighbors with zombies, destroy rafts, scratch on starbucks walls, abuse balloon babies, watch prison break, vandalize toilets, take scandalous photos with each other on other peoples disposable cameras, terrorize children at camps, burn crocs, frown and talk with their hands, play intense foursquare, kidnap peoples cats, buy 35 cent sodas, speak in synonyms, attempt at making tidal waves, start cake fights, sing Hollywood Undead, Mindless Self Indulgence and other bands songs over and over, shake fists at people, do the double thumbs up and asian peace signs, get stalked by mexicans and other various creepers, get each other pregnant (VIP members may do this too), play Nintendo gamecube (super mario smash bros and mario party) Wii, and Xbox (guitar hero), speak in synonyms, constantly rent scary movies, hang out with VIP Klac members, steal balloons and hello kitty/barbie band-aids, speak in 1337 when needed, quote youtube videos, and other peace disturbing actives.
dudeeeee did you see klac over there???? WE BETTER SCAT BEFORE THEY KLAC ATTACK US!!!
by k1@c October 15, 2007
A Person that uses codes for their language, almost not understandable by mere human beings. It also acts in a strange and awkward manner.
Is he a KLAC, I cannot understand anything!

KLAC just don't know how to use proper grammar!
by jA258 October 13, 2010
4 retards who think they are hard
dude you see klac over there?
yeah lets go kick the shit into them
by youknowme____________ May 06, 2008
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