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a mediocre actress who looks like she smells of milk and is in need of a good wash
n.b. she looks particularly greasified in spidermans 1 and 2
by maculate February 06, 2005
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The antidote for an erection.

Oh no! I have a boner in public, how embarassing!

(thinks of Kirsten Dunst)

Ah, much better.
by Cap'n Dan October 07, 2005
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A sweet, sexy and very talented actress with a fiery interior and a sexy exterior.
Kirsten Dunst is the bomb.
by Joshten April 10, 2005
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A beautiful, very talented young woman who has a killer smile and fantastic legs; also cute and cuddly.
Did you see that blonde girl? She is so a Kirsten Dunst.
by Joshten April 10, 2005
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One of the premiere actresses of the 21st century. Began her spark after the movie Bring It On! (2000) and most recently, Spiderman, as the alter ego for Mary-Jane Watson. Posed on the cover of the Sept.2000 issue of Maxim, proving her sex appeal. In addition to a killer smile, she is also credited for her highly-acclaimed legs, which to many is the sexiest feature of her body. Extremely talented, Kirsten is bringing Hollywood a brighter future.
Kirsten Dunst appeared in many chick-flicks like Dick. She will appear on "Spiderman 3" playing Mary-Jane Watson once again, in the summer 2007.

Nobody can beat the length on Kiki's legs!
by T-Dizz December 08, 2006
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damn...she is such a beautiful actress!
she seems to be very nice....and cute...hehe!!i nearly saw every single movie with her!!
best role:interview with a vampire
the movie deeply is also very good!!
and i would recomment the virgin suicide!that´s an awesome movie!!
kirsten dunst is one of the best actresses on earth in my eyes!!
by akasha September 01, 2004
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A quite attractive young movie star, unfortunately unencumbered by any sort of acting ability. Also dumb as a sack of hammers. In ten years, she will be happy to get a phone call from Playboy.
Kirsten Dunst was great in "Marie Antoinette," until she had to go and open her mouth.
by Johnny Iron February 08, 2007
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