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Originatin 4rm da east sidez of croydon!
kippage - in other wordz gtin sum kip -or sleep 4 u uneducated children.
Idea came 4rm a pilgrimage of kip.. as ur kip iz lyk a journey. Kipp-age
So nxt tym u tired.. dnt force urself 2 stay awake go gt sum kippage!
Chigz: Scratch dat i do gt red spots!
Yeaaa: Chigzy.. im departin 4 my kippage - ching dong deyyy
by The Yeaaaa February 15, 2005
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A nautical term for unfriendly sailors aboard ship keeping overly rowdy company with one another on long voyages. In use, very similar to the word, nobbling, which is used on land by landlubbers to mean doing the same sort of thing on terra firma.
By jove mate, you've really kippled me there, indeed I've certainly hada abit of kippage there.
by Zamboozee February 08, 2011
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