(a) An exclamation of intense or uncontrolled delight; (b) A greeting between two or more people; (c) A word that may be uttered in situations where nothing else can be thought of to say
(a) Person #1 - "What did you do last night after you left my house?" Person #2 - I went over to a girl's place, played rook, made popcorn, and had sex with her and two of her closest friends. KINNUCAN'S!"
(b) Person #44 - "Hey, Joe! Whut up G!" Person #65 - "Kinnucan's dude!" Person #44 - "Kinnucan's!"
(c) Female #38 - "I had an affair last night with him. In fact, he and I have been seeing each other for months, without your ever knowing. What I'm trying to say is I want a divorce." Male #471 (dumbfounded) - "Kinnucan's."
by Hat Boy January 27, 2004

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