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The guy who, in online games, not only is a noob but runs his mouth and calls others noobs. Generates large amounts of satisfaction during end game reviews, where opponents are left with an imperative to mock him - not only as a noob, but as a king noob.
That guy in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars who flies around in a Tormentor all day, or parks the Desecrator in the hanger on Valley and camps hardcore.

"You're all noobs, especially you, "m@sterkill3r"! You're not just a fxcking noob, you are the KING NOOB!"
by CheBourgeoisNoir December 27, 2007
A lemming. A whiner, who stole our drake :'( . - UKSA.
"Your all twats, fuck you all, I'm keeping this drake, Mwahahah!!1!!" - Kingnoob
by seem February 07, 2008

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